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  • A flexible, online tool to simplify your expense reporting process
  • A complete web-based solution allowing faster and easier approval workflow
  • A better control and insight over travel and corporate expenses
  • A project monitoring module for efficient and accurate budget management
  • Up-to-date expense account balances for each of your employees
  • Customizable, detailed reports to analyze total spending and enable cost saving
  • Built-in compliance monitoring to approval hierarchies and limits
  • Do you want to control and optimize travel and corporate expenses within your organization?
  • Do you want an efficient, flexible business tool to improve your internal review and approval process accessible at anytime from anywhere?
  • Do you need an automated solution allowing easier administration and reimbursement of approved travel and corporate expenses?
  • Do you want to check where you stand within your project’s budget?
  • Do you want to see every detail of your employees’ expense account and their exact balance?
  • Can you properly analyze your company’s spending and find cost saving opportunities?

 TruExpense is your optimal solution – having all the features of the most appreciated major systems (e.g. SAP) for only a fraction of their price. With TruExpense you will be able to implement within your organization an end-to-end expense management system which makes submissions simple for employees, reviews and approvals easy and fast for managers helped by built-in corporate expense policy rules – all this online. TruExpense covers also reimbursement process reducing manual back-office workload, while keeping focus on control.


Ideal for:

  • Businesses with a significant number of monthly T&E reports
  • Medium and large firms with employees traveling on a permanent basis
  • Companies where already 10% of cost saving on total T&E spending is relevant
  • Organizations running projects regularly, but lacking a reliable monitoring tool


Why TruExpense? Because it is:

  • An integrated, efficient solution for the whole expenditure process
  • An ideal monitoring tool for managing project spending
  • Accessible at all time, from anywhere
  • Effective to cut costs so you’ll have a quick return on your investment