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Expense reporting

  • Pre-trip authorization
  • Submit travel and corporate expense claim via the web
  • Attach receipts to expense report electronically
  • Submission forwarded automatically for review and approval
  • Submit expense report for reimbursement
  • Internal communication via integrated chat room
  • Create and submit project budget plan
  • Records financial settlements and keeps employees’ expense balances up-to-date

Benefits in management and compliance process

  • Saves time by simplifying the entire approval workflow
  • Ensures accuracy and insight by moving the complete process to common platform
  • Drastically reduces the cost of expense report processing
  • Helps to detect overspending by setting automatic alerts in the system
  • Improves spending policy by applying common corporate T&E rules
  • Includes project module for budgeting from start to finish
  • Monitors project linked expenses
  • Scanned receipts attached to expense reports enables permanent accessibility to relevant data
  • Records transactions on the employees’ expense account in detail
  • Shows exact balance and due amount by employee
  • Clear company hierarchy management
  • Quick overview of transactions with easy filtering
  • My task folder to highlight urgent “to-do”-s
  • Overall and in-depth analysis regarding travel and corporate expenses

Reporting & Accountancy

  • Includes full analytics for booked T&E expenses
  • Up-to-date posting and booking of documents, paid and settled advances, expense account transactions
  • Automated book entries with individual or group posting
  • Tax items and contributions related to benefits and T&E expenses are generated and booked automatically
  • Posting and reporting by dimensions ( f.e. booked data by cost center, site, project)
  • Detailed, comprehensive accounting reports

Access control

  • Pre-defined user roles
  • Access rights definable for each user
  • Built-in secure login mechanism to protect user accounts from unauthorized access
  • Web based system hosted in secure data center or run locally