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Time entry

  • Automated time capturing via awesome widget or manual entry on the website
  • Capture time via cell phone on web timer
  • Add comments to the time entries
  • Register time-off and sick leaves


  • In-depth analysis of your staff's time-track
  • Provide your customers with information on the completed work
  • Easy company hierarchy handling
  • Internal messaging
  • Default values for activities
  • Comparing expected times against actual performance
  • Once approved entries cannot be deleted
  • My tasks folder for easy tracking of to-do’s
  • Detailed register for customers and colleagues
  • Complete logging of system transactions

Cost & Billing

  • Cost of work calculation on customer, activity or project rates
  • Use of competence multiplier
  • Professional looking invoices
  • Automated accomplishment report for customers
  • Multi-currency handling
  • Own-cost calculation
  • Manage project times


  • Analyze data from different point of views
  • Built-in grouping and filtering options
  • Excel or pdf reporting
  • Complete company performance reporting with easy filtering and grouping
  • Charts for graphical presentation of important data

Access control

  • Pre-defined user roles
  • Access rights definable for each user
  • Built-in secure login mechanism to protect user accounts from unauthorized access
  • Web based system hosted in secure data center